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About Us 

The Australian Cowgirl is a dream of Kim's that has blossomed since a

trip to the USA last year.

Pairing up with Steph to help expand this idea and help it become more than just a dream.

Kim has extensive experience in event management, spanning over ten years.

Being an event organiser for events ranging from corporate, weddings and even

competitive horse shows.

Steph’s experience in the horse industry brings another element of experience,

ensuring this event will attract top class riders from around the country.


We are so excited to be joining together to bring a SPECTACULAR Event that is

going to be the

MUST see, CAN'T miss EVENT OF 2023



Please join us on this journey and follow along for so many more exciting things to come

Kim & Steph

Our Vision

At the Australian Cowgirl, we celebrate, gather, connect and showcase the many talented women in the Australian Western World.

The Australian Cowgirl Will feature female makers including Horsewomen, Artists, Silversmiths, Braiders, Saddle Makers, Leatherworkers and so much more.  We will promote their talent on a unique platform followed along by like minded cowgirls.

The Australian Cowgirl is here to bring together and celebrate the Australian Cowgirls and their contributions to the Australian Western Lifestyle and Culture.  To support up and coming horsewomen, artists and makers, to support their growth by way mentorship with some of our master craftswomen throughout the year. 

The Australian Cowgirl will be running several events across Australia some smaller showcases that we hope to link up with other shows.  Followed by our Premier Event being Australia's Greatest Horsewoman.  This event is going to be a fantastic platform to bring it all together. 

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